vrijdag 3 september 2010

International Quilt Study Centre Quilt of the month September.

Ralli Quilt
Meghwar People
Probably made in Hyderabad, Middle Sindh, Pakistan
Circa 1950-1960

The middle area of Sindh, the southernmost province in Pakistan, has long been a farming region, irrigated by the waters of the mighty Indus River, which flows through on its way to the Arabian Sea. Hyderabad, the city where this ralli quilt was likely made, is in a part of Pakistan hard hit by the recent August, 2010 floods.

Traditionally, Middle Sindh is famous for dyeing, weaving and printing textiles. In this region, many women like to use a variety of geometric checkerboard designs in their ralli quilts, causing some of them to resemble patchwork traditions from other parts of the world. The intricate borders from this area have repeated, connected patterns. The colors on this ralli are subdued, suggesting that the fabrics were hand-dyed and have faded over time.


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